About Us

Hall Venture Partners is located at a state-of-the-art campus in Provo, Utah alongside Hall Labs and its team of innovators. Hall Venture Partners was established to address the growing demand by investors for curated opportunities in early growth technology companies. We are a seasoned and successful management team that supports patent-protected companies and helps them grow. We are industry agnostic and have expertise in consumer goods, automotive technology, building automation and controls, and high temperature electronics. We are focused on the commercialization and growth of technologies that were developed to tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Hall Venture Partners

Hall Venture Partners (HVP) provides necessary growth equity for successful patent-protected technologies and companies that have been accepted by the market.

  • A multifaceted management team combining the best of financial expertise coupled with world class operators and entrepreneurs.
  • Partners are responsible for over $6B in transactions, across multiple portfolios and sectors, with some of the leading Family Offices and Institutions.
  • Strong alignment with investors in the ultimate success of the money it manages.

Hall Labs

  • A modern-day Edison lab focused on solving global problems with science and engineering.
  • A 60+ year proven track record of innovation, utilizing proprietary IP and a process driven infrastructure to unlock company value resulting in high multiple exits.
  • $640M in exit value and an overall average of 4.8x ROI.
  • Over 1,100 patents filed.
  • Full-time staff of over 200 top-engineers, managers and operation specialists.
  • halllabs.com