Hall Venture Partners

A first time opportunity to partner with the Hall Family Office leveraging over 64 years of success and a proven track record.

Hall Venture Partners

Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Hall Venture Partners (HVP) is led by a world-class management team that applies capital to big picture companies. HVP is focused on high-yielding companies that have been grown on the backs of sound technology and material sciences. HVP has unique deal flow coming from Hall Labs, which has a long history of producing large multiple investments that address global problems. It selects companies that are ready to enter the market with proven technology.

Hall Venture Partners was created out of investor demand to participate in the upside of companies alongside a trusted partner with a successful track record of strategic technology exits.

-David Hall

Provo Campus

Provo, Utah Innovation & Growth Campus

  • Over 130 total acres, nearly all contiguous
  • 650,000 square feet of buildings
  • Operating businesses employ over 700 people
  • As companies grow, they may occupy their own building
  • Opportunity Zone Tract #: 49049002802

Campus Highlights

  • Located within minutes of Sundance
  • 80,000+ sqft campus headquarters
  • Located in Provo, UT, identified as one of the Top 3 Opportunity Zones