Investor Info

Hall Venture Partners was founded to serve our portfolio companies. We have built a world class industrial focused venture fund that supports Hall Labs companies on modern-day Edison Lab that develops the smart products of our IoT world. From smart home and garage products—to revolutionary automotive technology—to automated building processes, and much more. Supporting Hall Labs and their team of innovators—scientists and engineers—at a modern, state-of-the-art campus located in Provo, Utah, to tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems ranging from sustainability to personal transportation

Portfolio Companies

Vanderhall manufactures conventional and electric roadsters and off-road vehicles that provide truly unique motoring experiences. Exceptional aesthetics and effortless performance.

SmarterHome seamlessly integrates smart products for the home. Includes the Tilt brand (blinds, windows, lighting, security) and the Garage Smart brand (storage, air, power, and other tools).

Sure-Fi has developed the world’s first radio designed to connect reliably through heavy obstruction. Its patented radio features one-mile range with obstructions and 50+ miles line of sight.

Medic.Life is developing advanced health monitoring systems and hardware that provide meaningful information for individuals and their healthcare team

Bacon is creating a new way to staff teams by connecting companies to pre-qualified available workers who will work on-demand for as little as one shiſt.

MicroClimate is now shipping Air 1 and Air 2, personal filter systems with unobstructed views. Products for education, healthcare, and other uses are in development.

Provo Campus

Provo Innovation & Growth Campus

  • Over 130 total acres, nearly all contiguous
  • 850,000+ square feet of lab and office space
  • Operating businesses employ over 700 people
  • As companies grow, they may occupy their own building